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Justin Bieber: violent Death of a photographer who pursued his Ferrari

The photographer was hit by a vehicle while photographing the Ferrari of the young singer, Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber's Ferrari caused Photographer Death

The year 2013 began badly for the young Justin Bieber. A photographer probably continue believing the star of 18 years, assumed to be at the wheel of Justin Bieber's Ferrari, died January 1, Los Angeles. Although justin is not directly involved in the case, since he was not in the vehicle, the boyfriend of Selena Gomez must be very saddened by this story.

While he is currently on holiday in the sun, Justin Bieber left the keys to his big fireball to friends, who do not hesitate to get around Los Angeles. Arrested by the police for a routine traffic stop on the side of Sepulveda Boulevard, Although an officer of the California Highway Patrol has ordered the photographer got out of his car back in because of traffic considered dense and dangerous, it unfortunately did not have time to react. The photographer was indeed struck by another car and did not survive his serious injuries, reports A violent accident which probably traumatized two friends of Justin Bieber in the present, one driving and the other on the passenger seat.

Died paparazzi stalking Justin Bieber on the road.

This picture shows the photographer's hat and shoe lying in the road where he was hit
This picture shows the photographer's hat and shoe lying in the road where he was hit.
For an unknown reason, the photographer was struck by another car that was on the road. According to information gathered early this morning by TMZ, Justin Bieber was not driving his Ferrari, however we do not know immediately whether or not he was in the vehicle, although close to the singer say that n ' was in the car.

Police continue to investigate to find out how the accident occurred. For the moment, neither the drug nor alcohol are tainting the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle involved in this tragic death.
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