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Taylor Swift: The Soundtrack for Hunger Games

Taylor Swift is determined to prove that she is not just a singer with country store in the box! Indeed, first for the young woman who signs the soundtrack of the film event, Hunger Games , whose output is planned for spring 2012.

So through her official website that Taylor Swift has announced the unveiling a new first single from the soundtrack, entitled Safe & Sound. 

Taylor Swift: The Soundtrack for Hunger Games


For those who do not know Hunger Games ... Hunger Games is a film that inspired by the literary trilogy by Suzanne Collins Hunger Games. The film will show the audience a post-apocalyptic America where teenagers have the duty to kill each other in an arena full of traps to survive their loved ones. Signed Gary Ross, the film will bring Jennifer Lawrence , Josh Hutcherson , Liam Hemsworth , Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson or Lenny Kravitz 

Hunger Games , the story ...

Katniss Everdeen, a young 16 year old, lives in a post-apocalyptic America, known as the Panem. A powerful repressive government, the Capitol, which was formed after a period of turmoil and destruction, control the twelve districts of Panem and requires them to participate in an annual game show: The Hunger Games. In this game, young adolescents were randomly selected among the twelve districts and must kill each other until the last in a combat zone where the traps abound and cameras.

Hunger Games , the trailer ...

Hunger Games , the soundtrack ...

The pretty Taylor Swift announce on her twitter “There was something that she was "VERY excited about for a VERY long time (and no, I do not mean Christmas). " Then two hours later ... "Here it is, the big surprise ... Do you throw it!"

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