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Lindsay Lohan praised by the judge

Lindsay Lohan has been praised by the judge to have complied with the terms of her probation.

Lindsay Lohan praised by the judge
Actress Lindsay Lohan, 25, seems to show a new maturity, when she was presented 15 minutes earlier than expected for her hearing on the progression of her probation yesterday (January 17), reports People .

The star appeared before Judge Stephanie Sautner, who praised Lohan advising her to “continue what you do. You seem to come out very well”.

In fact, Lindsay Lohan finished her 12 days of community service at the mortuary, and her four therapy sessions. She also meets with her probation officer on a regular basis.

The judge found in Lohan and her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley: "The probation officer wrote a positive report, as the volunteer center."

Note that Lindsay Lohan must appear before the court again on 22 February. By this hearing, it is expected to complete an additional 15 days of community service at the mortuary and five therapy sessions.

If it continues to fulfill the requirements of the court, Lindsay Lohan could end the probation next March 29.

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