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George Clooney, Matt Damon and Daniel Craig: Three sexy men for a Vanity Fair!

George Clooney , Daniel Craig and Matt Damon, three men with different styles with their own charm and their own careers and yet one thing in common: Three clear leaders in Hollywood for their talent and sex appeal. One says that think Daniel Craig , another committed on topics not always easy, George Clooney and the last is an avid exciting, Matt Demon .

So to mark the beginning of the year 2012, the magazine Vanity Fair combines the three movie stars to ask all the lens of Annie Leibovitz ! Has a first mark in the annals for the magazine for the first time in its history offers a one with three leading roles.

On sale since yesterday, the front page of Vanity Fair is sure to attract the eye and arouse the curiosity of readers!

This is called a nice tour de force! Indeed, it is unique for a magazine to successfully meet three actors who make the news film of the moment into a single coverage ... Can not for Vanity Fair , which takes up the challenge and hands down!

The opportunity for the three actors to engage in an interview on all major issues concerning the life, death, love, happiness, work and women.

We learn that if George Clooney had the chance to be reincarnated, he would choose to be his dog for a quieter life and for him, patience is a quality far too overrated. As for Daniel Craig , there's nothing like the loyalty and trust in his friends ... 

For the shallower side, he hates his knees and is very proud of its attributes. True or false, the actor Millennium admitted he lied during the questionnaires ... And finally, Matt Damon says his greatest accomplishment is his marriage and he preferred that the names were those of his wife and children.

An interview filled with humor and sincerity to an undeniable fact! Note that Daniel Craig will shortly be on display in Millennium: The men who did not like women , on 18 January, George Clooney in The Descendants , January 25 and Matt Damon in We bought a zoo for the April 18, 2012.
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