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A secret is a secret: Daniel Craig did not want to ruin his marriage

Daniel Craig did not want to ruin his marriage, and that is why he chose to do so in secret.
A secret is a secret, Daniel Craig did not want to ruin his marriage

Actor Daniel Craig says he wanted to keep his secret marriage to Rachel Weisz, as he feared that he might ruin their relationship if he spoke publicly, reports FemaleFirst.

The actor starred in James Bond , who married secretly with Rachel Weisz in a private ceremony in New York last June, to only four guests, admits that the couple wanted their union official for "personal reasons" and they didn’t feel the need to share it with everyone.

He said: "We have succeeded. We did it in private. Moreover, we must thank several people for that. However, it was the goal. We did so for personal reasons. Because we did not want others ruined, it would be good to shared in secret. And the purpose was either a secret. For me, a secret is a secret. "

Recall that the actor, Daniel Craig 43 years old reconnected with Weisz on the set of Dream House at the end of last year, but they had known each other when they were both in college.

Since he is married, Craig said he was "very happy" and hoped that this relationship will last."I'm in love, I am very happy. And that's as far as I go. Life is long, things can sometimes go wrong, and I do not mean something that could be used against me later, "Craig added.
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