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Nude Photos of Lindsay Lohan Leaked and buzz on the web

Hugh Hefner, the founder of the famous erotic magazine, Playboy, rejoiced in his Twitter account, as of Friday, the disclosure of stolen photos of the actress on the internet. That day, the name of Lindsay Lohan was the most sought after on the web.

Nude Photos of Lindsay Lohan Leaked
Lindsay Lohan Leaked nude photo posing for Playboy. Pictures eagerly awaited. Normally, the cover of the famous erotic magazine, featuring the actress 25 years, was to be unveiled next Thursday, when the show Ellen to host Ellen DeGeneres, on American television.

Did not count on the web, always quick to put the photos online, ahead of schedule in terms of communication officials, Playboy. Thus the A, first photographed by a visitor who had a copy in hand in preparation of the edition of January-February 2012, was unveiled on the internet Thursday. In the process, it was followed by all the images of the cover and inside pages. In these photos you can see the actress Lindsay Lohan leaked nude photo, except a pair of heels, posing in the nude on a red background.

" A collector's edition " Lindsay Lohan Leaked Nude Photo

Despite the fact that the leak occurred, despite the will of Playboy , Hugh Hefner, founder of erotic magazine, seems to do a bad job against heart. By Friday, he wrote on his Twitter account: " The coverage of Lindsay Lohan has leaked on the internet and it makes sense . " Given the enthusiastic comments of his " followers "on the quality of photos, a tribute to Marilyn Monroe has earned Lindsay Lohan not less than one million of gains, the owner of Playboy welcomes again, saying: " This edition of the magazine will become completely collector . " He also noted that the name of Lindsay Lohan was the most sought after, Friday, following the incident. So many reasons that led him finally to announce an early departure from the magazine, " at the end of the week "welcoming Sunday's idea" frankly memorable . " As for Lindsay Lohan, she wondered, falsely candid in the article accompanying the photos stolen: " I do not understand at all why people are so fascinated by everything I do . " Perhaps because, as she says, " sex and sexuality are part of nature. " " And I am a very kind , "she says.   

Lindsay Lohan Leaked Nude Photos:

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