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Natalie Portman launches into the series with Scruples!

Natalie Portman launches into the series with Scruples!

Haunting, sensual, feminine ... Natalie Portman as a charmed movie fans as the fashion house Dior . After a filmography to rival more than one actor and advertising captivated her men and make women jealous.

The Oscar-winning actress for her role in Black Swan takes our small screens with a television series called Scruples.

New project for Natalie Portman in 2012 ... A miniseries for television.

Indeed, the actress is currently working with Tony Krantz, Bob Brush and Mel Harris , on the script, based on a best-seller, called Scruples, Judith Krantz published in 1978.Thus, Scruples trace the upward mobility of a young ambitious woman, a widow, that new life by opening a fashion boutique in Beverly Hills. A renaissance that was not won because, initially, Billy was a teenager alone, ugly and obese in adulthood, has become a very beautiful business woman courted. At the death of her rich husband, she moved to Beverly Hills and takes a fresh start!

Girl-power of appointment to the ABC with this series that talks about sex, revenge and scandal! So is this the kind of show you could watch?
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