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Kirsten Dunst wants to start a family

Kirsten Dunst is ready to find a man with whom to start a family.

Kirsten Dunst wants to start a family
As she prepares to celebrate her 30 th birthday in the spring, actress Kirsten Dunst has a dilemma, as she feels ready to have children, but she does not believe that men in her age are.

During an interview with the magazine Lucky , Dunst said: "I thought when I turns 30 s, I would have more decisions to make. Until you have children, we only find our partner. And the guys have a Peter Pan attitude. They have 35 years and they act as if they had 25. "

She admits that this is what scares her about the thirties, "not to find someone to have children."

The actress, Kirsten Dunst would love to have even a small quiet family life in the countryside north of New York. She explains, "I can not wait to relive a little girl. I am so ready for this lifestyle: finding a place north of the state and send them to school there. "

For now, the star will continue her research to find the right partner with whom she could start a family.
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