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Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant with twins?

Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant with twins?
Everything that Angelina Jolie can do, Jennifer Aniston also can do better. In any case, what the tabloids would have made us believe, and even if the former Friend has extensive experience in terms of tabloid inventions, the latest rumor seems to date more and more important.

The magazine Star reported on its cover Jennifer Aniston, was not only pregnant but with twins with her ​​boyfriend Justin Theroux .

To bring credibility to the news, the magazine quoted the actress as close to the source, a person claiming to be able to see the window of the room ... and diagnose Jennifer Aniston pregnant with twins!

Slightly creepy. But hey, the law of averages shows that even the tabloids are right sometimes. So is it true? Does Jennifer Aniston looks like pregnant with twins?! This rumor is ...

Of course.

Although the camp Aniston as the habit of tall tales of tabloid says it's more, this new seemed so incredible and so much attention that she has decided to deny it officially.

"This is a pure invention," said her agent told E! News. "Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant and she has no neighbour who can see her house."

That part seemed particularly creepy. And suspicious. But mostly creepy.
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