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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant? No, She Is Not

Are Jennifer Aniston Pregnant? Jennifer Aniston has denied the rumor, and yet more and more evidence suggests that the sexiest actress might be pregnant. Should we expect a great revelation before her marriage?

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant
There are countless rumors of Jennifer Aniston pregnant recently. And a few weeks before her marriage with Justin Theroux, a photograph published by TMZ website 3 days ago again set fire to the powder. On the picture, Jennifer Aniston seems to hide the belly with his jacket and bag. Even if the couple's spokesman immediately denied, it did not take less so that everyone gets excited. Especially as snapshots released yesterday by the Daily Mail have again revived the debate. You can see Jennifer Aniston in a jacket off which would be rather unusual for the former Friends star. Unless she just cold ... If Jennifer Aniston has repeatedly mentioned her desire for motherhood, it does not seem to be a priority for the moment. 

Two Evidences that showed Jennifer Aniston Pregnant

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Engaged
On 9 December 2012, the couple held an engagement party in the company of Hollywood stars such as Demi Moore , Ben Stiller or Tobey Maguire . At the party, Jennifer Aniston has not touched a drink of alcohol, and do not even approached the buffet of raw fish, which is nevertheless a dish she loves. It would have made changes in their diet, which now looks very much like a pregnant woman. And other indices we predict that Jennifer Aniston, the sexiest actress of 44 years could expect their first child. When she leaves, she usually likes to show her gorgeous body, has recently taken the habit to wear rather loose with even her purse at her belly. 

Nevertheless, this is not all. A source revealed to the newspaper The Mirror that Jennifer has also made changes in the agenda. “She said it was time to focus on preparation for marriage and to be closer to Justin, but now what is being said is that she wants to find the time to make room for a baby . " Indeed, it refused two different roles for films Getting Rid of Matthew and Miss You Already. Shooting the second film was to take place in London, but it seems that Jennifer Aniston prefers not to stray too far this time. Therefore, it is understandable of course, she wants to dedicate herself to preparing her wedding, which is eagerly awaited by people all over the world, but still and it is usually pregnant women who prefer not to fly too, where away from their husbands. However, it is hoped that the interpreter unforgettable Rachel in Friends makes a visit to Paris: a replica of the famous "Central Perk" opened a few days ago in the capital, close to the Sorbonne.

If the rumors about Jennifer Aniston Pregnant were true, it would be probably the best gift for the couple, who met in 2010 on the set of Peace, Love and maybe more and not left since. The actor had even put an end to his relationship time to live openly with the ex-wife of Brad Pitt.

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