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Kim Kardashian Pregnant: Her Sex Tape Sales Explode!

Kim Kardashian Sextape ExplodeSince the announcement of Kim Kardashian pregnancy on Sunday, the sex tape filmed by the reality show star in 2003 is selling like hotcakes...

The sextape of Kim Kardashian, "Kim K Superstar" is selling like hotcakes since the announcement of her pregnancy. If you do not yet know what Kanye West thinks, one thing is for sure, the last time the sales of this Naughty Movie exploded; it was during her marriage with Kris Humphries in August 2011. 

Sales of Kim Kardashian sextape explode! Vivid Entertainment overjoy

On 31 December, Kim Kardashian is scanned twice than usual, everyone wanted to know if her belly begins to show some curves of pregnancy (see Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Photo Earn $300.000). However, if some took pleasure in the scan during the evening of the new year in Las Vegas along with Kanye West, others prefer to see natural and undress.

Often forgotten but Kim Kardashian is also and above all known for being the daughter of OJ Simpson lawyer, but not only: it is also known to have made a naughty film with her boyfriend at the time . Moreover, this video seems to be today the heyday of the company Vivid Entertainment, the publisher of the sextape, titled Kim K. Superstar jubilant. Although Ray-J and Kimey, the "actors" of the video, receive a share of sales, the majority of the profits go to the adult video editor.

It is no secret that Kim Kardashian became famous must thanks to the sex tape she shot in 2003 with her ex Ray J. The sales itself explode since Sunday, the day of the announcement by Kanye West during a concert in Atlantic City. According to TMZ , sales of video from kim increased nearly 80% since the announcement of Kim Kardashian pregnancy. Speaking of pregnancy, you will have to explain to the child why Mommy is a video with a man other than Dad. Hopefully it will not give her nausea and more! Fortunately, she can count on her boyfriend Kanye West to cheer her up and the baby's arrival, this story will be a bad memory.
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