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Felicity Huffman Cancer fights in the series Desperate Housewives

Felicity Huffman Cancer fights entitle ‘If you were my sister’

Felicity Huffman Cancer fights
Felicity Huffman cancerfights in Desperate Housewives , is an ambassador for a new campaign for the prevention of breast cancer in the United States. In particular, shot a TV spot, entitled "If you were my sister," for those who have beaten the disease, but also to explain how to minimize the risk of recurrence.

This public service announcement was developed by the charity Women's Cancer Programs Of The Entertainment Industry Foundation and the drug company AstraZeneca. The operation intends to provide crucial information that is lacking in the former patients. Because "breast cancer, unfortunately, can cons-attack," says the heroine of Desperate.

About the appointment herself, Huffman said, "Unfortunately, breast cancer can relapse, and many women lack information about how to reduce the risk of recurrence. Which is why I'm involved with this important campaign as part of the Entertainment Industry Foundation. We all have family and friends affected by this disease, and I want to help provide knowledge in women about what they need to know, and to do, to reduce the danger.

Felicity Huffman Desperate Housewives imagine a day jeans in the fight against cancer!

Felicity Huffman in the series Desperate Housewives, is engaged in the fight against breast cancer with a brand of jeans.

While Felicity Huffman has not suffered from cancer herself, she was confronted with this disease through her character in the series Desperate Housewives, Lynette Scavo.

Brand ambassador of Lee jeans, the actress has created a "jeans day", October 8 , so that people are aware of the problem of breast cancer by donating five dollars an association engaged in the fight against this disease. In advertising for the event, Felicity Huffman says: "I love my six sisters and two granddaughters. One in eight women contract breast cancer, and a person is diagnosed every minute. should do something to change that ... " ."We are very pleased that Felicity agrees with us this year. She is so involved that it will save us a lot of support”, welcomed Liz Cahill, behind the operation.

Felicity Huffman raises awareness for breast cancer (Video)

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