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Hugh Jackman Talks About X-Men: Days Of Future Past | Wolverine

Wolverine - Hugh Jackman in X-men: Day of Future Past

Hugh Jackman said in an interview with the Daily Mail, Every Superhero will be In 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'

The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman looks like being in the discussion stage for the possibility of himself to be appeared in the film sequel X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

Prior to this, Jackman is already a cameo in one scene as Wolverine, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. But Jackman's appearance will be mentioned more prominently in this sequel which tells the first generation of mutant humans.

The Daily Mail reported that the movie sequel will do the shooting in Montreal with all the characters from the movie X-Men First Class generation such as Jennifer Lawrence ("Silver Linings"), Nicholas Hoult ("A Single Man"), James McAvoy ("Wanted") and Michael Fassbender ("Prometheus"). Even the original trilogy players such as Halle Berry, Ian McKellen ("The Hobbit"), and Patrick Stewart ("Star Trek - Nemesis") were also involved.

Responding to Jackman’s jokes, "you may not have enough space in a paper when writing the names of all of them. In fact, every actor who has ever become a member of the mutant will be involved, "as reported.

Hugh Jackman added, "there will be an element of time travel and of course action scenes," explains the actor who also starred in the spin off of the X-Men saga, THE WOLVERINE.

For the sake of a role in the Film, Hugh Jackman do a strict Diet.

hugh jackman 2013 - Wolverine
Actors and actresses will do anything for the sake of their work, As Hugh Jackman (44 years old) who are willing to lose his weight for the demands of a role in his new movie. Apparently he run a strict diet to produce a maximum results.

There are so many films that have been successfully played by Hugh Jackman, one of which is X-Men. Although his ​​body looks ideal though he was always on a diet before filming a movie that starred.

Jackman has ever run a protein diet to lose weight about 9 pounds. Not only that, he always do a warm up exercise a few days before shooting. Hugh also often hunger and dizziness while shooting the scenes.

"My weight has dropped about 9 pounds with exercise and diet. During dieting I only drink and a bit to eat, so I should be able to control myself to restrict food. "Said Hugh Jackman, The Wolverine.
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