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Frank Ocean Sues Chris Brown For Alleged Brawl

Frank Ocean Wants Chris Brown Charged for Alleged Brawl

Frank Ocean Wants Chris Brown Charged for Alleged Brawl

Frank Ocean Sues Chris Brown For Alleged Brawl: Chris Brown fightre-involved cases, Frank Ocean who are also involved in the incident, plans to sue Chris Brown for alleged Brawl that takes place at Westlake Studio lately.

This fight occurred in the parking lot Westlake Studio in Los Angeles, on Sunday (27/1) local time. The incident involved six fights. Local police report based on eyewitness, Chris had punched Frank.

Chris Brown punches Frank Ocean in public

It is also justified by the renowned singer-songwriter United States. "We were attacked by Chris Brown and his people. Now my finger broken and I cannot play with two hands at the Grammys," he said in a Twitter account.

Fighting began when Frank approaches to Chris and claim the parking lot. "It's my studio, this is my parking area," he said then ignited emotions Chris.

Reportedly, it was Chris feels entitled to the best parking spot, while Frank was angry because the parking lot was taken. Finally, Chris becomes emotional and had his men attacked the studio and Frank. "They broke everything in the room and make the employees were scared," said an eyewitness.

If the attack is proven, then Chris can be threatened in prison for alleged brawl. Chris Brown is still under sentence of five years' probation after molest Rihanna in 2009. Previously, Chris was involved in a fight with rapper Drake in June 2012.
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