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Demi Moore dating Lindsay Lohan's ex-lover, Harry Morton

Demi Moore dating Lindsay Lohan's ex-lover, Harry Morton
After being rejected by a young man named Vito Schnabel some time ago, now, Demi Moore reportedly returned to find a new lover. Not long ago, she was seen dating a man who is a former boyfriend of Lindsay Lohan, Harry Morton.

According to E! Online , the former wife of Bruce Willis and Morton has been dating a few months later. They, reportedly introduce by friends. As quoted by the Huffington Post , a source also stated that the couple had been trying to conceal their relationship. However, she was spotted dating both of them. "It's not serious but it can develop into something," said the source. Sources confirmed that the couple had often to have fun together and often held meetings in secret places in New York and Los Angeles. 

For Morton, Demi Moore is not a first celebrity lover. Earlier in 2006, he also had a relationship with Lindsay Lohan. Many of them was surprised when they seen Demi Moore and Morton were dating in Beverly Hills, California. Eyewitnesses told the website that the couple arrived around 8 pm and were met at the restaurant for more than two hours. They laughed and teased each other throughout their dinner. Reportedly, the two lovebirds left the restaurant and got in the car headed to Moore. guy near Moore also stated that Moore and 31-year-old owner of the Viper Room and Pink Taco has been mutually know. "Moore really in a good time and hope about the future."
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