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Crime novelist Jakob Arjouni dies at age 48 after battling with Cancer

Crime novelist Jakob Arjouni dies of cancer

Crime novelist Jakob Arjouni dies at age 48 after battling with Cancer: His crime novels with the German-Turkish investigators Kemal Kayankaya are classics: The successful crime novelist Jakob Arjouni died at the age of only 48 years of a long and difficult battle with cancer.

As report from one of the source, the crime novelist, Jakob Arjouni has died at age 48 after a battle with cancer in the early hours of Thursday in Berlin. Known who was born in Frankfurt am Main Arjouni was primarily as a crime writer.

At 21, he invented the melancholy Frankfurter private Kemal Kayankaya, the "Happy Birthday, Turk" in the Crime first determined. His work has been translated into 23 languages. In the beginning of the 1990s, the book was made into a film by Doris Dorrie.

This was followed by three more cases with Detective Kayankaya. 1992 Arjouni received for "one man, one murder," the German Crime Prize. In autumn 2012 the fifth volume of the series published by the German-Turkish investigators, the longest of the classics of detective fiction include "Brother Kemal".

In addition to his novels, crime novelist, Jakob Arjouni also produce several novels including "Magic Hoffmann" (1996) and "The Holy Eddy" (2009) and "idiots. Five Tale" (2003). His novels "homework", "Chez Max" and especially the East German novel about a Nazi fellow traveler, "Cherryman chasing Mr. White", are school reading. The theme that runs like a thread through Arjounis work is to deal with violence in all its forms.

Crime Novelist, Jakob Arjouni was the son of the playwright Hans Gunter Michelsen, he had adopted his surname from his ex-wife, who is from Morocco. He lived with his current wife and his children in London and the South of France.

Good Bye Jakob Arjouni, the author and playwright as well as crime novelist. We will remember you forever.
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