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Clinton Kelly Clarkson Photobomb Shot at Obama Inauguration

Bill Clinton was spotted standing behind Kelly Clarkson during Obama Inauguration. The moment ‘Clinton photobombs Kelly Clarkson’ had captured by a photographer and become the most memorable thing at Inauguration or some.
Clinton Kelly Clarkson 2013 Photobomb Shot
Monday is the day of the inauguration of President Barack Obama, but there is an event that occurs when the inauguration ceremony, former President Bill Clinton who managed to steal the show.

Bill unexpectedly takes pictures with Kelly Clarkson, who was singing "My Country, Tis of Thee' just before Obama finished his inaugural address, in an image taken from TV broadcasts during the event and immediately circulated on the internet. Did Bill Clinton Photobombs Kelly Clarkson? Or whatever,

Kelly, who is a champion of 'American Idol' said via her Twitter account that she was really nervous and cold during a performance, but she was also honored to be part of that historic event.

"An honor to be a part of history," she tweets.

"Obama is very strong presence and his voice cannot be forgotten. This is a happy day for America!"

Although Kelly did not mention Bill's photo, but it shows an image upload other presidency through her Twitter account, but this one is intentional.

"Maybe this is the coolest picture I've ever done .... :)," referring to the photograph which showed her shaking hands with Obama.

Bill Clinton was captured unexpectedly standing behind Kelly Clarkson, Is Clinton doing on purpose? 

See Video Bill Clinton Photo-bombs Kelly Clarkson During Obama Inauguration  

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