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Beyonce Lip-sync or Kelly Clarkson Live: Who will Obama Choose?

Beyonce Lip-sync or Kelly Clarkson Live: Who will Obama Choose?

The Organizers say President Barack Obama has direct involvement in selecting entertainers in this celebration. Regarding Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson, "Their music is often located in the hearts of Americans and speaks to all over the country,'' said Obama.

Recently, The song 'The Star Spangled Banner' sung by Beyonce had been become the subject of conversation after several band members of Marines Corp say that Beyonce sang lip-sync and have recorded the song before.

"All music has been recorded on the day before because to avoid unexpected conditions and unforeseen occurrence. We are ready to perform, but a few minutes before the show, we were told that Beyonce is going to use the footage. It was the instruction that we received, and we do not know why," said DuBois Christian.

Contrast to this, Kelly Clarkson sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" in the city center at the same event was not lip-synching or relying on vocal recordings.

Steering band, Colonel Michael J. Colburn told Buzzfeed that Beyonce had little time to prepare for the performance. "We practice together with Kelly over the weekend.

As for Beyonce, she is preparing for her performance at the Super Bowl, so we did not have the opportunity to train with her until last night, "Michael said on Thursday.

"We all know Beyonce can sing well, but we do not know why she chose to use a previously recorded track," said DuBois.
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