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Beyonce baby name: Ivy Blue

Jay z and Beyonce baby name Ivy Blue
Beyonce baby name is Ivy Blue: The baby of the couple Beyonce and Jay-Z has arrived! After weeks of suspense, the little Ivy Blue was born Saturday, January 8, 2012 ... and surname of the child is already controversial among fans of the artists!

There are a lot of wishes from the fans of Jay-Z and Beyonce. According to People , relatives of the couple had already received gifts of blue for Christmas. It is therefore understandable that the name of the little girl was already chosen for some time.

For their part, the fans would argue that the couple chose the name "Ivy" because of the number 4 or the Roman numeral IV, which means many things in the relationship of Jay-Z and Beyonce. Indeed Beyonce's birthday is Sept. 4 while that of Jay-Z December 4th, the couple also married in April 4, 2008. They revealed they had tattooed a "IV" in their ring on their wedding day and Beyonce called her latest album 4.

And what is it about the meaning of "Blue"? Well, Jay-Z has had three albums with the name "blueprint" : The Blueprint was published in 2001, The Blueprint 2 : The Gift & The Curse appeared in 2002 and The Blueprint 3 published in 2009 . In the words of his song " A star is born "after her album Blueprint 3, Jay-Z was referring to his status as a" greatest rapper ":" I am the (Blueprint), I'm like a card for them "formula" blue "is quite significant for him. But what this also says is that Jay-Z would have imposed his middle name in memory of his discreet relationship with r & b singer, Blu Cantrell ...

A fan then summarized the situation on Twitter as follows: "@ omgitsralph:" There is a sense of the name Ivy Blue. Ivy = Beyonce favourite Roman numeral and BLUE album in tribute to Jay-Z Blueprint. Wow. . "

Jay-Z and Beyonce would call so their children according to their respective albums, the little girl would have escaped the name of Sasha Fierce? Until more information about this name, the aunt of Ivy Blue, Solange Knowles, already singing her praises on Twitter describing Beyonce baby, Ivy Blue as " The most beautiful girl in the world "is already that!
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