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Paris Hilton vs. Kim Kardashian, The match of the century

Paris Hilton vs. Kim Kardashian
One is blonde and one brunette. One is skinny, the other pulpy. Physically, all between Paris Hilton to Kim Kardashian , but the two young women are quite similar. The two heirs share a lot of exciting things, the origin of their fame to their passion for the French manicure.

By studying the two subjects carefully, we realize that Paris and Kim are just two schools that compete in order to win the title of world champion turkey. So, Team Paris or Team Kim , choose your side, the match begins.
On the one hand, we have Paris Hilton, born in 1981. The young woman is the heir of a family who made her fortune in the hotel industry. Became famous in 2003 due to (or rather because) a sex tape, Paris Hilton is working to maintain her fortune. Reality TV, perfume creation, participation paid to jet-set parties, the blonde was not idle. It takes an innocent look voluntarily to amuse the gallery. She dresses in pink and playing back of her appearance as a young madcap. A form of theater that makes us think that's true, Paris is not a cagole.
On the other side: Kim Kardashian, born in 1980. The Kim family background is also famous: she is the daughter of Robert Kardashian, the lawyer who defended OJ Simpson, accused of murdering his wife in 1994. Kim has also become famous after the release of a sex tape showing her frolicking with singer Ray J. Since 2007, she participated in a reality TV show featuring her family life. Very first degree, Kim Kardashian takes herself seriously and really think having the class .
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