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Angelina Jolie has no friends to talks

Angelina Jolie says Brad Pitt is the only person she really talks

During an interview with the magazine Marie Claire , the actress Angelina Jolie, mother of six children, was told about the fact that she does not have many girlfriends.

It weighs a lack in real life. Indeed, no friends to confide in and who laugh. "I just have a few friends, she admits to the magazine. It's just ... I am much at home. I'm not very sociable. I do not do much with them, I am very connected to my home.

" This "in it", she shares with Brad, the father of several of his children. Husband, lover, father, he must at once also act as Angie’s girlfriend. " I talk to Brad, Angie said. Since I do not have many friends to talk to, it's really the only person whom I trust ."
Angelina Jolie recently told she was lucky not to have died young, in view of its most tumultuous past.

She said: "I went through times heavier, darker and I survived. I am not died young and I'm very lucky. There are other artists and people who did not survive certain things. "

However, she insisted that her orderly life has not completely changed, "I am always a bad girl. I still have that side of me. It's just that it is up now ... along with Brad." Said Angelina Jolie.
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