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Caleb Moore Crash Video Update: Fatal Accident at the X Games

Caleb Moore Crash Video Update: The world of extreme sports is in mourning.

Above was Caleb Moore Crash Video that was taken during the accident happen in x games last Thursday.

The X-Games have been bereaved Thursday by the death of Caleb Moore crash, 25, following a failed attempt to backflip on a snowmobile  last week during the winter stage of this extreme sports competition that takes place in Aspen (Colorado) .

The snowmobile driver, Caleb Moore was unable to finish his rotation and the unfortunate fell headfirst on the other side of the hill, and the bike fell over him. This terrible accident resulted in serious injuries to the Caleb Moore who lately brought to hospital., According to his family, he had complications after concussion and bleeding at the heart which led to his death.

Caleb Moore Crash Accident: His Family Shock!

Caleb Moore’s family has been hit hard. Shortly after the fall of Caleb, his brother Colten Moore was also severely injured with a fractured pelvis on the same platform.

"For security issues, we worked closely with athletes and many experts and in each of the 18 editions of the X Games, "said ESPN in a statement. The channel, which broadcast the X Games, conceded, however, that this level of competition, “there is a risk.” As all players know well.

Between 2010 and 2012, Caleb Moore won three bronze medals in the category freestyle and a silver medal for the test of Best Trick at X Games in Aspen.

Caleb Moore Crash Death

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