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Lupe Fiasco at Inauguration Thrown Off Stage after Anti Obama Rap

Lupe Fiasco inauguration off stage: "For me, the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States,"

Lupe Fiasco Inauguration Offstage Anti Obama Rap
Superstar, Lupe Fiasco escorted off stage at Obama pre-inauguration after singing Anti Obama rap that lasted for 30 minutes. This event occurs when welcomed the inauguration of President Barack Obama in a concert that held on Sunday (20/1), rapper Lupe Fiasco was forces to escort off stage by security because he performs an anti Obama rap.

In the action stage, as written by Politico, the superstar, Lupe Fiasco who was born in the United States cast a politically charged lyrics and anti-Obama for 30 minutes. In the song, he also stressed that he does not support Obama.

“Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist/ Gaza Strip was getting bombed, Obama didn’t say shit/ That’s why I ain’t vote for him, next one either,”

Hearing the lyrics are not worthy to be sung in public, Lupe asked to change the song. But he refused, so the security guard go up on the stage and forced him off the stage.

Shortly after the incident, the starup RockOn wrote an official statement on the website HyperVocal. They assert that Fiasco not escorted off the stage because an unsatisfactory performance on his part:

"But, Lupe Fiasco kicked off the stage not because he called for an anti-Obama. We are a staunch supporter of free speech, especially in politics. This is all not because of his opinions, but because the crowd were disappointed with his performance. Therefore, the organizers decided to bring the next act. "

This is not the first time Fiasco voiced his anti-Obama. Earlier, in 2011 ago, he had declared that Obama is the biggest terrorist in the United States. In addition, the superstar, Lupe Fiasco (30) also criticized the Obama administration in response to the issue of the conflict in Israel and Palestine.

However, that does not mean Fiasco will give voice to the opposition to Obama. Because he vowed that, he never vote and said that politically issues are not important to discuss.
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