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Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, and who's the next?

Some days ago I've heard that another couple of celebrities has split up, this time is Johnny depp &Vanessa Paradis. It's not surprised though as about 80 percent of celebrities got break-ups or divorce. But for couple who have already lived together for 14 years and got 2 children (seem like a perfect family to me) got breakups, and Johnny depp has almost reached 50 years of age, I seriously speculate what's the point, Johnny? Love's gone wrong? Is it all about ? Or could it possibly caused by any reasons I talk about below ?

5 probable reasons why celebrities frequently split-up:-

1. Easy to get anything they want.
They are attractive, wealthy, and famous. Who doesn't want him/her ? Thus, they sometimes don't value what they have. They've possibly never felt how hard it is to get a date. If one's gone, that's very easy, just get another one. Easy come, easy go, baby..
2. Too much attraction & competition.
How could you prefer between Gisele Bundchen and Blake Lively? Ashton Kutcher and Bruce Willis? Too much better choice to choose and they're all interesting. While Brad was filming mr. & mrs smith, Angelina Jolie was successfully get his attention with her kids and her interesting world. There are tough competitions bound them, you can't make any small mistake. Even getting older can be your mistake.
3. Their personality.
Celebrities which most of them are successful entertainer tend to have "sanguine" personality, which mean they're talkative, easy going and like to have fun, they are also more likely to get bored, and like to discover something new. Sometimes it is their job that push them to be more "sanguine" ( I'm not saying that "sanguine" person is playboy/playgirl, it depends on backgrounds and other personality as well)
4. Hunger for attention
Nothing last forever including celebrities' fame. Younger or more attractive actor/actress come each years ,there's a time nobody want to hire them anymore/ to work with them. Thus, they are sometimes just faking their relationship in order to get attention from media. They don't really be in love with the partner, it's just the way to make them famous. If they maintain steady, what gossip can you give to the public ?
5. Celebrity attitude
Being famed means being an significant human being in the society, means you are above everyone, people treat you in a different way. The more famous you are, the higher possibility you can be arrogant. Therefore, in relationship, it's hard for celebrities to deal with their ego, to confess their fault, to lose their pride by asking forgiveness, even just to pardon their partner.
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