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Celebs gave birth at 50 or later!

More women are choosing to get pregnant later in life. Possibly it’s because younger women are paying attention on their profession, or maybe because ladies want more “couple time” with their spouses before bringing kidlets into the picture.
A current government report showed that pregnancy among women in their early 20’s dropped nearly 18 percent from 1990 to 2008, but pregnancy among older women, ages 40 to 44, increased nearly sixty five percent.
Although women are having children later, it’s no secret that females, over the age of 40, have a greater chance of infertility. Dr. Kari Sproul, a Santa Monica, Calif., infertility specialist, states that for each year after age 30, fertility drops precipitously. By age 45 or so, the majority of women are pretty infertile. The chance of getting pregnant without assisted reproductive technology after age 40 is only about 10 percent. Through any given month, the possibility of a woman over the age of 45 getting pregnant under her own steam and with her own eggs is less than one percent.

Wendy Wasserstein

This Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, and noted screenwriter, gave birth to her daughter when she was 48 years old. Sadly, the first time mom passed away just 7 years later of Lymphoma. God Bless you Mama Wasserstein.

Geena Davis

The Commander in Chief and Thelma and Louise star had plenty to be thankful for when she gave birth to her daughter at age 46 and her twin boys at age 48.
Now, turn into her 50’s, Ms. Davis is still one hot Mama!

Kelly Preston

The world smiled along with Mrs. Travolta, when she gave birth to her son at the fabulous age of 48. After losing her eldest son, almost two years earlier while on a family vacation, it was a welcome treat to receive news of a sweet bundle of joy.
Good news is always a welcome report. So, congratulations Mamacita Kelly.

Nancy Grace

The no-nonsense, yet compassionate, legal commentator gave birth, two years shy of the half-century mark. She’s tough, but we give this judicial Mama grace for delivering twins at 48.

Beverly D’Angelo

The National Lampoon actress delivered Al Pacino’s twins when she was 49 years old. A proud papa, a proud mama and two little kids, who could ask for anything more?

Elizabeth Edwards

The late wife of ex-US Senator John Edwards had her daughter at 48 and her son at the exquisite age of 50. May you be at peace Mrs. Edwards, but may we say, well done, good and truthful Mama?

Helen Morris

And for those folks who still have their mouths amazed; expect them to drop to the floor. Book editor and wife of film director, Martin Scorsese, conceived their daughter at the jaw-dropping age of fifty two!!!
So, when it comes to conception, people need not doubt the woman desiring to bear a child, for that desire is no respecter of person, or age. Unfortunately, it’s fertility that has the unfairness against older women, and possibly for good reason in many cases, but fortunately there are moms out there who have beaten the odds and have even given Father Time a run for his money.
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