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The Fiscal Cliff Deal is a Scam on American Tax Payers and the Stock Market. The Senate and The House both passed this crap laden piece of special interest legislation under pressure from Obama and his goons that threatened lawmakers with sanctions if they would not pass it but there is more to it. Just hours after the bill was passed Obama took off on Vacation, AGAIN! He did not sign it into law! This means that this legislation does nothing for taxpayers and is artificially manipulating the stock market. This is Fraud! Mitt Romney during the campaign said he was going to label China as a currency manipulator and this criminal action by Obama and his thugs makes China look like a kid operating a Kool Aid Stand in comparison. Here is more on the story about how Obama is once again Screwing America while he goes to play golf and Americans Taxes have been hiked. That's right, he did not sign the bill into law so that means we are all still over the Fiscal Cliff...

After spending months telling Americans that the fiscal cliff deal was the most important thing facing their nation, Barack Obama has gone back to his vacation. Within a few hours of the bill's passage last night, he was enjoying the comforts of Air Force One, en route to Hawaii. Heaven forbid he’s forced to sacrifice any more of his multi-million dollar getaway.

The weird thing is; he left town without signing the deal and the White House is refusing to say when he'll do so. Likely, this is because he wants to make a big show of it when the world has returned from its collective Christmas/New Year’s break. Then, he can get out in front of the cameras, Joe Biden at his side, and use the opportunity to take another petty swipe at the evil Republicans who made this all so difficult.


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