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President Obama Steering America In The Direction His Hero Karl Marx Would!

On November 6th Americans went to the Polls to Elect the 45th President of The United States after one of the dirtiest campaigns ever if not the dirtiest ever. It was also the most expensive in history.

Many Americans were outraged by this election that was plagued by widespread voter fraud and voter intimidation that even included for a 2nd election in a row the radical group
 known as The New Black Panthers.

If that was not enough, several murals like those seen in communist and socialist countries appeared at polling places which is a clear violation of election laws. In addition many poll workers were seen wearing Obama hats and shirts yet another violation of these laws. A female going to vote in Colorado was asked to leave a polling place for wearing an M.I.T. shirt when the poll worker who obviously lacked education thought it was a MITT Romney Shirt. 
America should demand a Revote and not a Recount!

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