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CALL TO ACTION: Reject Obamunism Legally!

This is a call to action! Here is how we stop Obama and his Socialist Agenda and do it legally. File an extension on your taxes if you owe taxes for 2012. If you are due a refund make sure you get every penny and do not use it to buy taxable items as much as possible.

Let Obama call in some loans from his buddies. Without funding his Regime will crumble under its own weight of idiocy. All Business Owners should file extensions as well as private citizens. The extension is good for 6 months and when it is set to expire then file another for another 6 months and repeat this as many times as it takes and in no time America will drive this Socialist loving Marxist out of office! Spread the word people we can do this together!

God Bless America and Please Join our cause on

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