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BREAKING NEWS: C.I.A. Cover Up Of Benghazi To Protect Obama

More and more evidence of a massive CIA cover up to protect Obama are surfacing including pictures of Torture in Benghazi. President Obama conveniently left the country the same day that the Petraeus Resignation was made public to avoid having to answer the American Public. Just days after Americans were duped into voting him another 4 years he jets off to Southeast Asia on a "Diplomatic Emergency". Diplomatic Emergency? Isn't that the job of the Secretary of State? More info is pouring in here and will be posted as it develops.

More on Petraeus resignation: FBI investigators discovered his affair while looking for security leaks. Well-timed search don't you think? In this administration, one would not be out of bounds to inquire whether the FBI was SENT to discover what was quietly known. Petraeus was the one who immediately said he must step down. But the timing. It bothers us. General Petraeus was due to undergo questioning on Benghazi. 

There is much about Washington....not to like.

There is always a broken heart when men in power forget those who helped make the path and the home that got them there. Holly Petraeus had endured lengthy separations from her husband. Her own Father was the head of West Point when the two met. She filled her days by helping those in the military manage their financial affairs.

Let's all pray that America is permitted to know the truth of the Benghazi tragedy....and responsibility rested upon the proper shoulders.

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