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America Demands and Deserves Answers and Accountability For Benghazi

The Obama Administration Creatively Stalled answering questions about Benghazi so the Election would be easier for them to win and they achieved their goal. Benghazigate as it is become known as has left America with many unanswered questions and a deceitful regime in power in Washington D.C.
We as Americans must Demand that Barack Obama and his staff be held accountable for the Murders that occurred on 9/11/12. Why the Coverup? What is the Truth? This Scandal makes Watergate look like a Parking Ticket in comparison. No one died when Richard Nixon was Impeached. No one died when Bill Clinton was Impeached. Bill Clinton served out his term because he ran the clock out but Richard Nixon Resigned as a result of his Impeachment. We expect more this time around. People were Murdered by Terrorists this time and the President Lied about it and continues to do so.

We as Americans must Demand he either Resign before being Sworn in for his second term or face Impeachment. Here is how we do it. Contact Chairman Lamar Smith at 202-225-3951 and Demand Impeachment Hearings to begin Immediately!

God Bless America!

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