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Vampire Diaries (season 3): A trailer for the big return tonight!

Vampire Diaries (season 3)
It's been two months that fans eagerly await the moment ... Yes, Vampire Diaries , Season 3, is back for the  episode 10, entitled The New Deal . The time has come for fighting and that's tonight!

So, so take your troubles patiently awaiting the release, the producer of the series, Julie Plec , and co-producer, Caroline Dries , shared via the CW Youtube intense ... and a teaser, it seems that Klaus n ' has not revealed the whole game!

A teaser that was not enough, then a new single released on the net, the producer of the series, Julie Plec says that Damon and Elena will experience moments of fear against the will of Klaus to take revenge .

Indeed, "Damon and Elena did what they could to try to kill Klaus. They failed and now they are afraid, because Klaus is someone who is not without vengeance. "

In this episode of recovery, it will be as widely question ... coffins! And for good reason, in the teaser of the episode 10 of Vampire Diaries , we see that the vampire Original will really start to get excited ... and, most recently, Julie Plec explained that:
"The funny thing about the originals, as anti-heroes and villains is that they are pretty close to what Damon was in the early seasons is always a step forward, two steps back . Just as there is a strong emotional connection that is established with the heroes of Mystic Falls, is one of them ended up stabbing an Original on the back, or what are the originals that are destroying something that breaks the relationship ... "
So there will be a clash between Stefan and Klaus coffins for the younger brother Salvatore has stolen:
"One thing that never gets old: the revenge"

The tone is set! But Stefan will also face Damon , it tries to reason with his brother:
"To beat the evil, we must be smart." 

But Stefan was not agreed and replied: 
"To beat the bad guy, it will be even more evil!" 

Thus, in this new teaser of Vampire Diaries, we hear articulate its demands Klaus: 
"You identify your hybrid Mystic Falls or I make them disappear ... "

One thing for sure is that this is not going to be okay! Word of producer. So, happy?

Vampire Diaries (season 3): The trailer for episode 10

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