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Tomb Raider 9: Lara Croft is Back!

Tomb Raider 9: Lara Croft is Back!
Tomb Raider 9: She is beautiful, she is adventurous, she is afraid of nothing and especially she fantasize all the players on the planet! And yes, Lara Croft is back soon in a new installment of 'Tomb Raider '. Provided the basis for December 2012 , it would seem that the game appears on our consoles with a little late ...

No Tomb Raider: Lara Croft for next Christmas?!

It's been quite some time that fans of  " Tomb Raider " waiting for the release of a new game that could make them vibrate and tremble! So to the delight of all, the creators of the game have decided to release ninth album, even more terrifying and certainly more mysterious. From this, gamers are eagerly awaiting the information, photos, videos that may filter on this new component. Provided the basis for December 2012 , everyone thought that Lara Croft would appear under the tree. But it seems that it delays her arrival, a few months ...

Indeed, a source reportedly told the website Gamestrend that development teams want to polish up the game, before revealing to the world. Eagerly awaited by fans of the archaeologist, this sequel seems at first sight very impressive. The pressure is so strong that the creative team would not hesitate to push back the release date of "Tomb Raider 9" !

Finally, remember still a new film of the adventurer, could emerge in 2013. The team therefore expects the video game may be leaving for an event at the same time?! About this feature, it seems that Angelina Jolie is no longer part of the ...Tomb Raider 9 ...

For all fans of "Tomb Raider", know that this new album should bring you great pleasure ... At first, it seems that Lara Croft, the heroine that we know also thanks to Angelina Jolie, will be much more young (21 years) . And yes, the game will give it a facelift and we must also know that for once the character created will be comparable to any real woman. But that's not all, throughout your trip, the capacity of the pretty brown evolve, to give an air of role play.

With regard to the universe, "Tomb Raider 9" will take place on a nearly deserted island and our heroine will survive the onslaught of nature, and different enemies . Unlike other games, this album is more mature and propose, for example, quite violent deaths! For those who love the space and freedom, you will be able to travel the island up and down without being caught.

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