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Eva Longoria: "I have so much weight after my divorce"

Divorced in 2011, Tony Parker, Eva Longoria has remained quiet over this period of her life. However, for the magazine Health , she made ​​an exception to the rule.

Obviously, the divorce of Eva Longoria has been hard to bear for the actress. According to the magazine Health , although she continued her activities as if nothing had happened, she still showed a significant weight loss, strangely received by her entourage. "I remember after my divorce, I was very thin and everyone kept telling me that it suited me well. This is probably the worst state in which I have been. It was strange to see that people described of 'healthy'. In my worst moment, people told me that I had never been more beautiful. ”Torments which are now very far because, as pointed out by the actress, it follows that a balanced diet and regular exercise. 

Anyway, Eva Longoria admits she was not too depressed by her divorce. ”It is funny, I do not feel bad. Even after my divorce, everyone raved, telling me how I bounced back quickly. I told them 'I will not let me down, something great m 'wait, I can not wait to see what it' , " added Eva Longoria. Of course there is more depressing than to resettle with Eduardo Cruz ... 

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