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Desperate Housewives: Coming soon!?

Desperate Housewives
They spent 8 years in primping, flirt, tease the hair is especially to make us laugh ... you will soon say goodbye to the most extravagant women of television: The Desperate Housewives . And yes, the series is about to come to an end, just like Sex and The City was a hit on the big screen we would like our heroines do the same. Will there be a movie after the show?!

There is no doubt the Desperate Housewives series has really passionate crowds. For over 8 years, many of you have to watch these young women to know, appreciate, fighting, hating ... You loved their moments of joy but also weak and above all, the stories so well conducted Wisteria Lane. Only after these many years, the public began to tire, the characters have grown and the plot faltered. And yes, even if you would like the Desperate be present all the time, it will now have to turn the page or at worst, look again at the full set!

We went through all the ways ... There have been marriages, divorces, many stories of love and strife. But above all a friendship that develops between four household that has been known since the first minute until the last: Susan, Bree, Lynette and Gabrielle . So like any self-respecting fan, it was asked one thing, if  " Sex and The City " was a hit at the cinema, why not our Desperate Housewives ?!

... And a final act!

It is true that the girls of Sex and The City is we laugh in series but also on the big screen. Then for the finale of Desperate Housewives, you can expect a short film ... Unfortunately, Marc Cherry will not go far! And yes what a disappointment, it will be the fans wait for the final episode of the series, to see what will happen!
"I went to see Michael Patrick King at the airport and I congratulated him for this phenomenon had become Sex and the City. The advantage for him is that he had not really developed the character traits of his characters. After eight years, I think we are finished. It's not a bad thing. I feel very satisfied with what we have "

Regarding the last act of Desperate, the suspense is at its peak but the series creator chose not to reveal anything at the moment:
"The last act, I have in mind for seven and a half years, will certainly take place. I have everything in mind, but I'll leave the surprise. "

Until the end, therefore, we recommend this video of Desperate Housewives !

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