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Lea Michele changed name because of bullying

Lea Michele admits to having changed her last name because of bullying.
Lea Michele changed name
The star of Glee , Lea Michele, does not seem very different from her character Rachel Berry as she reveals being bullied when she was younger, reports the magazine Us .
Like Lea character, the actress 25 years has been the victim of bad jokes to her classmates, to the point where she changed her name to prevent them from making fun of her.

While at the show Tonight Show with Jay Leno , Lea Michele said: "Sarfati. This is my real name. I do not use it much because I was called "So-fatty Lea", "Lea So-farty" at school. "

When asked when she decided to change her name, Michele said: "When I was little and I went to my first audition, they asked," Could we have your name? " And I said, "Lea Michele". Lea Michele and I am ever since. 

Note that several other celebrities have confessed to having been bullied in their youth, including Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria.

The singer Lady Gaga has even visited the White House recently to discuss a campaign she wants to set up against bullying.
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