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Kate Beckinsale uncertain with the idea to expand her family

Actress Kate Beckinsale says she is unsure of wanting another child with her husband, Len Wiseman.

Kate Beckinsale uncertain with the idea to expand her family
The husband of Kate Beckinsale, Len Wiseman, would be very excited about having a child with actress, 38, who has a 12 year old daughter, Lily, born of her relationship with Michael Sheen.

However, Beckinsale does not seem so certain this idea, claiming to have seen too many people suffer miscarriages.

She says: "I'm not 100% certain that I will have more children. I lived through tragedy after tragedy with friends who have suffered miscarriages, and I think of when they ask myself. Lily is against it, is for Len. "

Beckinsale also claims that her first pregnancy was not easy, and it certainly influenced her desire to experience a second time.

She joked: "I'd love if Len could having pregnancy, because I do not feel very good when I'm pregnant. So we need to think about that! "

Recall that Kate Beckinsale Len Wiseman met while she was still in a relationship with Michael Sheen.

She has already told the director after kissing for five minutes, she knew he would one day become her husband, even if it were already a couple.
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