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BREAKING NEWS: Fiscal Cliff Update

Just when you thought it could not get any worse , Harry Reid opens his mouth and continues to Lie to America. The Democrats are hell bent on taking America over the Fiscal Cliff and will blame the Republicans for doing so. I say we should let them go ahead and do it. Harry Reid and all his stooges in the Democrat Party should be run out of town on a rail! Harry Reid is the "Leader of the Liars" and his Botox Mama Assistant Nancy Pelosi is his enforcer. 
In 1981 Ronald Reagan gave in and granted the Democraps a massive Tax Hike in exchange for promised spending cuts. Well guess what, the Demogogs lied then and the cuts never came and they are trying to trick America once again. It is time to stand up and say Hell No!
Get busy and get calling to demand congress cut spending now! No money without some honey!
Cut spending first then we will talk tax increases!

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