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Rihanna: Accused of plagiarism for her clip You Da One!

Rihanna Accused of plagiarism for her clip You Da One!
Rihanna , the Barbadian pretty 23-year-knows how to defend against those who insult but also in music ... In fact, the pretty blonde multiplies the tubes with an ease that amazes us. After the success of her single We Found Love, she returns with a new clip of what could be her next hit: You Da One.

Music more rhythmic, a highly controversial clip ... Here is the new niche of the beautiful singer and You Da One is no exception to the rule! Just out, the clip is already facing charges of plagiarism ...

Rihanna: Melina Matsoukas, the director of the clip We Found Love, talks about shooting

Rihanna has once again called on Melina Matsoukas to shoot the video for her first single, We Found Love , from her album, Talk That Talk , released last November and the last clip to date: You Da One. Not a first for the two young women who have worked together on videos from Rude Boy, Rockstar 101 and S & M , as has also been accused of plagiarism. It is therefore natural that Melina Matsoukas speaking talents of Rihanna:
" It is good eh? I was surprised too. There is a moment in the video for 'Man Down' where she will be raped and she launched this look and I thought "Wow." It gave me an intuition. So I told her about it and she loved it. Then she sent me messages just days before the shooting of the clip to try to cast, 'You better find me a nice guy because I love the playing, and I really want to sleep with him for not. ' So I had to find a guy that would please him. Otherwise we would have been in the m * rde '" says Melina Matsoukas to Pitchfork .
The director has called on the boxer Dudley O'Shaughnessy to give response to Rihanna in her music video We Found Love :
" He then met Rihanna at the scene of the shooting, I was like, 'OK, you're in love - let's go' and he took her hand and began to run and it was magical. It seemed so real. They had nothing to do with sex before the third day, so it also helped , " she admits.
An outdoor shooting which took place in Northern Ireland last September. And the director said that many fans of Rihanna were in attendance to view.
" There were tons of people at the scene during the scene where she was drinking. It was a bit difficult. And when we got in some places, there were literally teachers with their whole class! I was there and said "Should not you be in school children? ' It's crazy ! "
We're not really surprised everyone is crazy about Riri!

Rihanna: Accused of plagiarism for her clip You Da One!

Everyone is crazy except Huey artists who accuse Rihanna of plagiarism every time! So just two months after paying nearly $ 1 million to compensate the photographer David Lachapelle , who had sued for having inspired some of his shots to clip S & M , as Rihanna is facing new charges related video clip You Da One . Indeed, in a scene from the clip, Rihanna squirms on the floor, wearing only dark spots of shadow, and this sequence is controversial. Because it seems to be directly inspired by photographs by fashion photographer Solve Sundsbo that showcase the Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute with exactly the same postures as Rihanna in the clip.
Rihanna Left to right a picture of the photographer Solve Sundsbo

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