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Matt Damon strongly attacked Barack Obama!

About a rare violence against President Obama. They are not signed to a political opponent. But rather an "old" bear. Matt Damon in this case expressing his frustration.

The year 2012 will be an important election year in France but also in the United States. Barack Obama is running for a second term. And although his popularity has declined in recent months, the fact remains that the U.S. president can benefit the poor in political offer his Republican opponents.

In the U.S., freedom of speech is regarded with much more generosity than in France. It is not unusual to take it strong to the President. But this time, it's a Hollywood star which triggers a real salvo against Barack Obama . A star that has yet supported the Democratic candidate in the last presidential campaign.

"I wanted a president with **** neck!" 

Matt Damon is expressed these days in the magazine and he settles accounts with the tenant of the White House: "I would rather have a President with more courage that would really put things in place!" A simple remark, an observation. But the actor of 41 years does not want to stop there: "You know, that a President not caring to be re-elected but determined, making real change for the future of the country we would have liked to have ! It would have been much better! "

The reelection of a President is also an aspect of political life which infuriates the hero of Invictus. He does not beat around the bush to do it well understood: "I would have preferred a President with a single term but with **** neck!"

In conclusion, Matt Damon offers us a virtual prediction: "I spoke to many people who supported Obama from the beginning. One of the guys said, 'Never again. I do not do it again fooled by a politician '! "

The disappointment that is the main opponent of Barrack Obama.
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